Moving In / Moving Out

Moving In
• First month's rent must be paid by the day of move-in.

• The lease must be signed by all parties and security deposit paid before move-in.

• If guarantees are required, they must be signed by the guarantor(s) authorizing a credit check that is subject to approval prior to move-in.
• Keys may be picked up at the leasing office on the day of move-in during office hours.

Moving Out
• Please come to the leasing office and fill out and sign a written notice of intent to move out at least 60 days before the end of your lease.

• Per your lease, you are required to clean the property to move-in condition at time of departure. Please follow your Move Out Responsibilities list.
• On move-out day, please return your keys (including your mail box keys, garage keys, storage room keys, parking permit, etc. if applicable) at the leasing office.
• We will need a forwarding address in order to return your security deposit. We will only accept one address for all residents. This one check will be made payable to all residents listed on the current lease contract.

If you have a reason for wanting to break your lease prior to the original lease expiration date we have procedures in place that will serve as guidelines to help facilitate this transition. The following are the only options available:

Breaking a Lease

Option 1 - Acceleration of Rent.

You can prepay all rents due through the expiration of your lease. We will try to mitigate your damages by reletting the property. Once an acceptable resident has executed a lease contract, we will figure all of our costs of reletting the property and refund to you any overpayment.

Option 2 - Replacement of Resident.

Residents may facilitate the replacement of a resident with prior written consent by management. It is the residents responsibility to find a replacement resident, not the management. Once a prospective applicant is found, the applicant must fill out an application, sign the application agreement and submit the application to managment. If the applicant is approved, we will then help you and the applicant fill out the required paperwork to complete the replacement of a resident transaction. We will not be responsible for the make ready, re-keying of locks, refund of security deposit, or any other requests made by the applicant prior, during or after the transition is completed. This is solely between the resident and applicant only. There is a $150 administrative fee that must be paid to the management.